Biomarker extraction

We use deep learning to develop markers directly from medical images which describe underlying biological processes within tissues.

Anatomical insight

We integrate clinically relevant markers into high-resolution volumetric models for enhanced planning and anatomical insight.

Clinical impact

We register and process the data hidden in every pixel to reduce diagnostic error and improve clinical decision making.

We apply data science to show clinicians hidden joint superficial tissue lesions to trigger preventive treatment

Osteoarthritis, are we still running late?

Knee joint Volumetry

We are working on the first knee joint volumetry service to access timely early-stage lesion data and view joint lesions with unprecedented levels of detail. And without surgery. Request access to the Beta version of our knee joint volumetry service

MedX Team

Sebastián Irarrázabal

Chief of Medicine

MD, Orthopaedics and Knee Surgery Researcher in Clinical and Basic Science Orthopaedics.

Boris Panes

Chief of Data Science

PhD. Physics PUC-Chile. Experienced in data science, artificial neural networks and automation of complex systems.

Carlos Andrade

Chief of Engineering

PhD. (c) Biomedical Engineer PUC-Chile.
Experienced in medical imaging analysis and advanced organ & tissue modeling.

Javier Urzúa

Chief Executive officer

MBA UQ Australia, Founder of Medical technology company, Experienced in Business development and technology project management.

MedX Advisors

Hernán Gonzales

Clinical validation and Regulatory strategy

MD. Oncology PUC. President and CEO of GeneproDX, AI powered FDA Cleared, diagnostics company that is innovating in the area of ​​molecular diagnostics.

Rafael calvo

Orthopedics, Surgery & Treatment

MD. Orthopedics UCH International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopedics Sports Medicine. Fellow of the American Orthopedics College.

Markus Schreyer

International Management

CEO of Ganeshalab Former General Manager of the Latam division of the Thermofisher Scientific Hardware Company.

Our Partners